Our Story

Established in 1992, our company humbly grew from hiring out 100 plate settings to over 10,000 possible variations in Cape Town at present.

Owning every item involved in hosting an event or social gathering is costly. Our belief is that hiring allows you to spend less because you only pay a fraction of what the cost price is while also enjoying the benefit of not having to wash everything. Yes, you don’t have to wash those dishes or glasses any longer!

Whether you require 10 wine glasses to supplement your existing set at home or 2,000 dinner plates for your upcoming year-end event, we are committed to helping you enjoy more this year. Our state-of-the-art delivery fleet gives you piece-of-mind so you don’t have to spend time collecting and returning hiring items.

Our team are trained, professional, and excited to help you benefit the most from the hiring.

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